"You are not fit to wear this…"
Kir Kanos removing the helmet of the Master Instructor from the corpse of Carnor Jax.[src]

The Master Instructor was the title bestowed on the leader of the Emperor's Royal Guard. The title was first given to Ved Kennede, one of Emperor Palpatine's first guardsmen. Due to his loyalty and exemplary service, Palpatine put him in charge of the Imperial Royal Guard Academy with Kennede as its head. This prestigious title gave Kennede the responsibility of training and choosing the future generation of guardsmen. Along with this title came a special suit of armor which was similar to regular guardsmen armor except for a distinct painting of black which covered select portions of the helmet and the breastplate.

After Kennede's death in an Attack on the Imperial Royal Guard Academy, the armor was usurped by guardsmen traitor, Carnor Jax who wore the armor everywhere after assuming the position of Galactic Emperor. However, after Jax was killed in a Duel in The Squall, by Kir Kanos, the helmet was thrown into the depths of the Squall. A similar suit of armor was eventually worn by Chik Apla, one of the members of the rejuvenated guard under Admiral Natasi Daala. Whether this confirmed Apla as the Master Instructor of the new guard is unknown.