"I'll have the Master Machinesmith strip down your catch and judge it's value. Then I'll decide about you."
―Governor Quarg[src]

The Master Machinesmith was the chief technician of the ship-dwellers of Drexel.


"There, Skywalker! The most basic lesson of all-- the price of not pleasing your governor!"
―Governor Quarg on the hanging of the Master Machinesmith[src]

After the scavengers who would become the ship-dwellers were stranded on the planet Drexel, the ship's technicians revolted to become the Dragon Lords. This left the ship-dwellers, under the command of Governor Quarg's Father, without trained technicians. In addition, the planet Drexel was dangerously short of the metal they required to maintain their equipment.[1] The Master Machinesmith's task was to strip down any metal found, primarily from crashed starships affected by the ship-dwellers' sonic jammer, and keep their fleet of hydra craft and other equipment in good repair.[1][2]

During the rule of Governor Quarg the Master Machinesmith was not particularly skilled, something Luke Skywalker and R2-D2 noticed when they were taken captive by the ship-dwellers. Luke and R2-D2 used their technical skills to prove their use to Governor Quarg, thus earning their right to stay alive. The Master Machinesmith feared that their superior skill meant he would be replaced. When Governor Quarg sent Luke, R2-D2, and C-3PO out in a hydra craft to test their repairs, the Master Machinesmith stowed away on board. Once at sea the Master Machinesmith emerged, and attempted to strangle Luke. During the struggle Luke managed to kick the controls for the hydra craft's braking jets, bringing the craft to a sudden stop and throwing the Master Machinesmith free from the craft. Luke then went on to complete Governor Quarg's test. Governor Quarg had the Master Machinesmith hanged as an example for his failure, and forced a reluctant and angry Luke to be the new Master Machinesmith of the ship-dwellers.[1]

Personality and traitsEdit

"Then you'll be dead, boy! An' I won't have to worry about some barefaced off-worlder and a couple of mechanicals replacin' me as Master Machinesmith!"
―Master Machinesmith[src]

Despite having the title, the Master Machinesmith was not particularly good at technical work. Under his tenure hydra craft that might have been repaired were junked instead, and those that were functional had decreased performance. What he lacked in technical skill, however, he made up for in strength and ambition. He was fiercely jealous of those he feared were a threat to his position, and was big and strong enough to overpower Luke Skywalker in hand-to-hand combat. The Master Machinesmith had a wild mane of brown hair that flowed into a brown beard, and a trimmed brown mustache.[1]


The Master Machinesmith wore a brown utility belt similar in appearance to Luke's own.


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