Master Wallowlot was an alias Wraith Squadron pilot Kell Tainer gave fellow pilot Voort saBinring as a prank during their stay at Storinal.


During Wraith Squadron's Mission to Storinal, the Wraiths met up at a local tapcafe called The Howler for a planning session. After assigning each group their respective tasks, they left in small groups to minimize the number of people seeing the Wraiths together. Before leaving, however, Kell Tainer decided to play a prank on Falynn Sandskimmer and Voort saBinring.

Sandskimmer and saBinring remained last in their table and were about to leave when a spotlight was suddenly transfixed on them, accompanied with an announcement that the management of the Howler was congratulating the Wallowlots on their fifth wedding marker.