"Come on, I won't hurt you"
―Mander Zuma, to Matha[src]

Matha was a male[2] Evocii who lived on Nar Shaddaa[1] during the era of the New Republic. In about 19 ABY,[2] when Matha was still a child, he was attacked by a group of Vrblthers in the sub-levels of Nar Shaddaa.[1] However, he was rescued from the creatures by the Jedi archivist Mander Zuma, the spacers Reen Irana and Eddey Be'ray, and the Corporate Sector Authority official Angela Krin.[2]

Behind the scenesEdit

Matha was created by Jeff Grubb and Owen K.C. Stevens, and he first featured in the 2002 role-playing adventure. The child later appeared in Scourge, a novelization of the events of Tempest Feud that was written by Grubb and published in 2012, although he was not explicity indentified by name in the novel. In addition, while Tempest Feud established that Matha was female, the child is referred to as male in Scourge.


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