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The Mathayus was an Imperial-class Star Destroyer commanded by Admiral Coy, and later Admiral Dezsetes. Its First Officer was Atali.


In 1 BBY, it transported Darth Vader to Dargulli on a mission to kill a lightsaber-wielding criminal.

Then-Second Officer Dezsetes arranged a false distress signal from a Rebel ship near Yorn Skot during the trip, hoping Darth Vader would enter it. The ship, loaded with explosives, was an attempt on Vader's life as part of Grand Moff Trachta's plans to seize control over the Galactic Empire. Unfortunately for Dezsetes, Vader sent First Officer Atali on board instead. The following explosion badly damaged the Mathayus' hangar bay, but it was eventually repaired.

Command of Mathayas was given to Dezsetes after the death of Admiral Coy. Coy had in fact been murdered in his quarters when Dezsetes determined he could not be trusted to join the coup. When Dezsetes made a move to eliminate Vader, he and his cadre of loyal stormtroopers were killed by the Dark Lord.



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