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"When they asked me to write the series I initially turned it down. I was pretty busy. I've been a fan of Star Wars since I was six years old—but I really didn't know what I could add to the mythology. But the next day I was taking a shower and had this idea of telling a story from the point of view of someone like me, a regular guy."
―Matt Kindt, about Rebel Heist[src]

Matt Kindt (born 1973) is an American comic book author and artist who wrote the four-issue Star Wars: Rebel Heist miniseries. He also drew variant covers for each issue.

Additionally, Kindt has written and drawn the graphic novel Revolver for DC Comics' Vertigo imprint and the comic series MIND MGMT for Dark Horse Comics. His work also includes Marvel Comics' miniseries Infinity: The Hunt, and the Valiant Comics series Unity and Rai.

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