The Maulers were a group of assassins and thugs who followed the teachings of the presumed late Sith Lord Darth Maul. Most Maulers were not Force-sensitive, but extremely brutal and violent. They inhabited an area of Naboo once populated with peaceful philosophers. They were typically seen in red and black clothing, in honor of Maul's tattoos.


An Aqualish and a Human Mauler stand guard at an encampment.

In 1 ABY the Royal Naboo Security Forces increased their activities in response to the trouble caused by the Maulers. This interfered with the spice smuggling operations of the Rodian smuggler Radeld Siwar, who sent a young smuggler to deal with this problem. The smuggler ambushed and killed several Maulers near their stronghold to quiet them down.

They planned planet-wide criminal activities to take control of Naboo, but their operation was thwarted by agents of the Royal Naboo Security Forces sometime shortly after the Battle of Yavin. It is possible their criminal activities continued after the RSF infiltration of their base.

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