This article is about an Imperial officer. You may be looking for Osira Mavron, a member of the Rebel Alliance.

Mavron was a lieutenant assigned to the Chimaera around the time of the Caamas Document Crisis in 19 ABY. During then-Fleet Admiral Gilad Pellaeon's attempts to reach New Republic General Garm Bel Iblis, the Chimaera engaged the Cavrilhu Pirates, disguised to appear as a battlegroup at least similar to Bel Iblis', in the Pesitiin system. Following the engagement, Mavron was ordered to attempt to trace the vector on which the pirates escaped in order to locate their point of origin. Six days after the attack, Mavron returned to the Chimaera with the disturbing news that the pirates final transmission before retreating from Pesitiin had been sent to Bastion, which was subsequently relayed to the Kroctar system. In his investigation, Mavron took the initiative to pick up a copy of the TriNebulon and discovered the apparent return of Grand Admiral Thrawn, all of which he reported to Pellaeon upon his return. From Mavron's report, Pellaeon and Captain Ardiff were able to deduce suspicions of Moff Vilim Disra's connections with the pirate attack.