"Have you even heard of Rooze, Admiral Screed?"
"Yes. A strain of germ warfare used during the Mavvan Conflict. It destroyed as many Imperials as it did Rebels. We'd never used it again.
Koong and Terrinald Screed[src]

The Mavvan Conflict was a battle between the Galactic Empire and an early Rebel group between 19 BBY and 15 BBY. During the conflict, the Empire used the toxic Rooze Disease germ against the rebels. Although it devastated the Rebels, it killed an equal amount of Imperials. Most likely because they were immune to the germ, the Kobok became involved in the battle. Their earlier skirmishes against the Corporate Alliance prepared the insectoids for this new conflict. The Koboth Insurgent Mantle was an award given to Koboks who had served with distinction during the conflict.

Several years later, Koong of Roon used the Rooze on the Umboo people. Terrinald Screed, with whom he was working at the time, warned Koong of its dangers after the fact, but Koong remained confident in himself. However, the germ worked similar as before, and Koong himself was affected by it. As he was unable to secure an antidote in time, he was killed by the Rooze.

Behind the scenesEdit

Geonosis and the Outer Rim Worlds first used the spelling "Mavvan", while the DVD subtitles for Treasure of the Hidden Planet later used the spelling "Maven".



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