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Max's companion was a female Human living in the House of Max in the city of Barons Hed on Sulon. She was an ally of Max the Bunny who also lived at the House of Max. After leaving the House of Max on an errand, she returned to find Kyle Katarn waiting at her door. When he entered alongside her, he received aide from Max, who helped Katarn fight bounty hunters scattered around Barons Hed.

Behind the scenesEdit

If Kyle Katarn is tempted by the Dark Side, then instead of saving the woman, he murders her when he slaughters the city's intruders and inhabitants in his quest towards the Dark Side.

Women bearing the same appearance as Max's companion appear as civilians throughout the game; the only way to distinguish Max's companion from the other women is the fact that she only appears in the fifth level of the game, and she can be seen leaving her house.

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