The MaxMode Lifter was a model of flotation lifter manufactured by Haileycraft. Not rated for industrial use, the MaxMode Lifter was not designed to lift heavy payloads. A meter long, the lifter consisted of two large air canisters mounted on a frame. Between the cannisters was hung a sling, upon which items could be placed. When manually moved into position, water would be let into the tanks to sink the device. Once the desired objects were loaded aboard, the water was expelled, allowing the lifter to rise.

The MaxMode Lifter could be disassembled to fit inside the hull of a boat, and had controls for a driver atop the lifter. If could handle several supply crates at once, as well as up to three divers hanging on to straps attached to the side. During the Galactic Civil War, a group of Alliance to Restore the Republic agents used a MaxMode Lifter to recover supplies from the ocean on the planet Spira.


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