"This blackmailing cop has threatened to publicly reveal sensitive information regarding a well-known senator's personal affairs unless he is compensated."
―The brief in Ryko's bounty posting[src]

Max Ryko was a Human male living on the planet Coruscant. He served as a police officer with the Coruscant Police Force where he held the rank of captain.


Max Ryko was a Human male originally from the planet of Ord Mantell. Ryko later lived on the Galactic Republic capital of Coruscant where he became police officer. He eventually attained the rank of captain in the Coruscant Police Force. However, Ryko was able to discover information on a well-known senator concerning his personal affairs. He attempted to blackmail the senator and threatened to go public with the information. The Techno Union, wanting to prevent this, issued a bounty for Ryko. They offered 3,000 credits for him alive and 1,500 for him dead.[1]

In 32 BBY, Mandalorian bounty hunter Jango Fett tracked down Ryko in Coruscant's Financial District and collected on the reward.[2]

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Ryko was a Human male with light skin.[1] When on duty, he wore his CSF uniform and carried a blaster.[2]

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Max Ryko first appeared in Star Wars: Bounty Hunter a single player game released on December 5, 2002. The player can choose to pursue Ryko's bounty though it is not required to move to the next level. The player can also choose to capture Ryko alive or to kill him. He also had an entry in Star Wars: Bounty Hunter: Prima's Official Strategy Guide which was published on November 26, 2002.



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