Maxa Jandovar was a Human vandfillist who performed during the last decades of the Galactic Republic and the Galactic Civil War.


Jandovar was a famous musician whose song "Does Anyone Weep?" reached the fifth rank in the top selling sound slugs in 22 BBY. However, during the days of the Galactic Empire, artists like Jandover who opposed it found themselves persecuted. Although not actively hunted, if their whereabouts were known they would certainly be arrested. Jandovar traveled constantly, and over the last five years of her career was closely followed by Devaronian fugitive Kardue'sai'Malloc, a great lover of music. The Devaronian kept missing her due to her frantic schedule, but continued to try. He missed her on Tatooine, and then heard that she would be on Morvogodine.

Unluckily for both, Jandovar was arrested by the Galactic Empire while on Morvogodine, and died in Imperial custody. Kardue'sai'Malloc was crushed, but following the death of the musician he may well have been, as he proclaimed to Boba Fett, the sole owner of the last surviving recordings of the legendary star.



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