"Have you come to avail yourselves of the spa and the sacred waters of Da Soocha? Very soothing, sirs."
Azzim Anjiliac Atirue to Darth Azard and Vul Isen[src]

Maya Armus was a high-end spa that doubled as a Hutt Temple, located on Napdu, moon of Da Soocha, and owned by the Hutt Azzim Anjiliac Atirue during the Second Imperial Civil War.


Using YZ 3000 tankers, water was hauled from the sacred world of Da Soocha for use in the spa. The spa catered to a variety of clientele, including bounty hunters and Mandalorians, and as such maintained a red-armored security force. It was later destroyed by the War Hammer's turbolaser upon the orders of Darth Azard, in response to Azzim harboring Mon Calamari refugees from Dac after it had been cleansed of all life, killing everyone who did not take off immediately. This act outraged the Hutt Grand Council.


Notes and referencesEdit

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