Maya Kovel was a windswept planet in Moddell sector, on the Annaj-Houche Run. It was the homeworld of the Ayrou. From here, the Ayrou became the de facto leaders of the entire sector.


Home to the Ayrou species, Maya Kovel was a windswept planet in the Moddell sector of the Outer Rim Territories. The atmosphere of the planet was thinner then average and the taste and smell of the air was considered acrid. The world was regularly inundated by intense windstorms, exposing the iron-rich soil and rock to the air giving the world a reddish appearance. Long crevices formed in the surface, allowing for a form of lichen to thrive. This green lichen produced durable seedcases which would erupt when out of the wind and near water, even if it took decades to meet these conditions.[3]


Initially considered a planet in the Unknown Regions, Maya Kovel was formally admitted into the Republic as part of the Moddell sector, now considered a part of the Outer Rim, in 50 BBY. Located along the Annaj-Houche Run, the native Ayrou were the dominant species in the system and had colonized many of the surrounding planets. As economies spread and grew, the Ayrou worked with the Thonnermen of Thonner to help farm the lichen which flourished on Maya Kovel. While a part of the Republic, Maya Kovel did not play a role in any galactic wars, remaining outside of the fighting during the Clone Wars. When the Galactic Empire rose to power, the remoteness of the Moddell sector attracted the Imperials responsible for constructing the second Death Star. When the Empire fell to the New Republic, Maya Kovel's native Ayrou made up the sector's delegation to Coruscant and represented the planets throughout the reign of the Galactic Alliance. When Darth Krayt's Galactic Empire rose to power, Maya Kovel was engulfed in Imperial rule.[2]



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