Mayhem was an Imperial EF76 Nebulon-B escort frigate serving as an escort to the Relentless.

Mayhem was the ship to receive a convoy consisting of 3 BFF-1 bulk freighters; Strider, Treader and Walker near Cificap VIII. One of the freighters the Walker contained Habassa slaves, which was why Rebel operations rescued them before the Mayhem could arrive to convince the Habassa to join the Rebel Alliance.

Much later, the Habassa had joined the Alliance. In order to destroy the Relentless, Rebels and Habassa agreed to lure the frigate somewhere in order to capture her.

Having two CR90 corvettes, Filve and Bilbringi meet somewhere for an officers' meeting, and letting the information 'leak' with a known Imperial spy, Mayhem came to disrupt the meeting.

However this was a trap. B-wings from Blue Squadron, assisted by Red Squadron managed to disable and capture the frigate.

Behind the scenesEdit

The fate of Mayhem has not been canonically established. X-wing provides two alternative missions concerning the frigate, either capture her, or just her officers. The above article shows only one alternative.