The Mayjeln was a transport ship used in times of the Galactic Empire.

It was a modified XS-800 light freighter, owned by SoroSuub Corporation pilot Rai-Kalei. Modifications included a turret-mounted double laser cannon, a quad laser cannon also in turret, and a single blaster cannon. The cargo bay was also modify to keep 115 metric tons, including eight passengers in a living space.

Rai-Kalei named the ship after Mayjeln, a legendary Sullustan scout famous because of his daring navigation and high-speed heroics.

Rai-Kalei was involved in a fight against Imperial forces, probably on board of the Mayjeln, and was subsequently fired from SoroSuub, and became a wanted Sullustan. Rai-Kalei began a smuggling life, still using the Mayjeln as his main possession, and he got some valuable skills. The Mayjeln and him managed to achieve a certain amount of fame. Later, Rai-Kalei would join the Rebel Alliance as a smuggler, still using the Mayjeln.

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