"I know a lot of stuff. It's easy to be invisible, when you want to be."

Mazi was a Human male from Alderaan. The day before Alderaan's destruction by the Galactic Empire's first Death Star, Mazi went to Delaya with his friends, Lan and Jez, to watch a smashball tournament. Following his homeworld's destruction, Mazi and his friends became thieves to survive on Delaya. They tried to rob Princess Leia Organa but were called of by Ferus Olin, who threatened to stop giving them odd jobs. Afterward, the three of them decided to join the Rebel Alliance as soldiers.


The day before Alderaan's destruction by the Galactic Empire's first Death Star, Mazi went to see a smashball tournament on Delaya with his friends Lan and Jez. Despite Lan's young age, Mazi was able to convince Lan's parents to allow him to go.

After Alderaan's destruction, Mazi and his friends survived on Delaya as thieves. Being the oldest of the three, Mazi acted as the leader of their group. Ferus Olin, a former Jedi and another survivor of Alderaan, tried to dissuade them from turning to crime by giving them odd jobs to earn credits. When Princess Leia Organa made a visit to Delaya to assist the refugee effort and recruit new members to the Rebel Alliance, Mazi and his group attempted to rob Organa. Han Solo tried to placate the orphans but the standoff was broken when Olin intervened and disarmed Mazi, who was holding Organa at knife-point with a vibroblade. Mazi would later make amends for his behavior by informing Solo where Organa was taken when she was abducted by a rogue faction of Alderaanian refugees. After the incident, Mazi and his friends joined the Rebels as soldiers.


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