Mazzi was a Human male colonel who served in the Nimbus commandos of the Nationalist Army during the Clone Wars.


Together with numerous officers that served within the Jabiimi Nationalists, Mazzi served in the rank of colonel in the Nationalist Army and commanded many Nimbus commandos during the Battle of Jabiim against the Grand Army of the Republic and the Jabiimi Loyalists. In doing so, he was directly under the command of Alto Stratus and was usually in his immediate vicinity. After Alto was killed by a Jedi, Mazzi, who was the highest ranking of the commando, gathered the remaining survivors of the Nimbus commandos around him and fought further against the Loyalists after the Republic had to withdraw from the planet.[1]

After the Clone Wars had come to an end and Supreme Chancellor Palpatine establishing the first Galactic Empire, Mazzi and the Jabiimi Nationalists allied themselves with the newly established government, and were allowed to proceed against the rebellious loyalists at their own discretion.[1]


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