The Mecetti Purge was a period in Tapani sector history that occurred circa 16 BBY. During this time, House Mecetti, with the support of the Galactic Empire, virtually eliminated their rival, House Pelagia. Pelagia's traditional support of the Jedi Order, coupled with the many Jedi born of that House, made it easy for Pelagia's bitter rival Mercetti to persuade, and assist, the Empire in Pelagia's decimation, crippling Pelagia. Only House Cadriaan's steadfast support allowed Pelagia to survive.

The Pelagian High Lord Theux Paddox's younger siblings, Trad Paddox and Verinia Paddox, were able to escape the purge aboard the starship Regal Destiny. Many Pelagia families fled their House, living as "sleeper families" in other noble houses.


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