The Mechanical Liberation Front, or MLF, was an organization set up as an off-shoot of the Coalition of Automaton Rights Activists, in the last decades of the Galactic Republic.

The Mechanical Liberation Front was seen to be a more militant, even fanatical group than the Automaton Rights Activists, and its members, mostly highly-skilled technicians and mercenaries, were known to have staged many violent hit-and-run assaults against droid manufacturing corporations. Worse, the MLF planted bombs in the manufacturing plants of corporations like Industrial Automaton and MerenData.

A group of MLF members attempted to liberate a shipment of Vindicator XM-15 missiles near Havridam City on New Bakstre. During this mission, fourteen MLF members were killed and a 25-kilometer radius of the city was destroyed when the missiles were detonated due to the activists' ineptitude.

During the era of the New Order, the Mechanical Liberation Front was led by Jarred Sneel.

Behind the scenesEdit

The Mechanical Liberation Front is likely a nod to real-world Animal Liberation Front, an animal rights activist group known to use illegal direct action in pursuit of animal liberation.