"These are the words of Medo-Ja. Greatest healer ever born. Tharal-Ra's disease is incurable. But not for me. Limbs regrown. Hearts uncleaved. One of the Three fell ill. Deadly. Only I could save. Davel-Ka said I could not heal. His vision forbade it. If I healed, it would fail. It was seen. The Three must be preserved. I stepped aside for a young healer. No Voss is perfect. No Voss is above vision."
―Writings of Medo-Ja[src]

Medo-Ja was a Voss healer living on Voss many years before the planet was discovered by the galactic society. Considered the greatest healer ever born, he was the only Voss who could reliable heal Tharal-Ra's disease. One time, he was forbidden from healing a dying member of the Three because of the vision by Voss Mystic Davel-Ka. Medo-Ja had to step down for a younger healer, for all Voss obeyed the visions without question. He recorded the event in the Writings of Medo-Ja that were etched on a pillar erected outside the Shrine of Healing in the Old Paths.