Meelo was a female Rodian who lived on the planet Cularin during the time of the Clone Wars. After an acquaintance of hers was apprehended by the Metatheran Cartel and imprisoned in a Cartel building on Cularin, Meelo and several of her associates—a Jedi, a Twi'lek scrounger, the Jawa Keth-Keth and the Wookiee Roorrrwiir—determined to free their captive friend. They attempted to bluff their way into the building, but their plan failed and the Cartel's security threw them out. While Meelo and her team sat in a speeder to consider their next move, two swoops approached them from behind, and taken by surprise, Roorrrwiir inadvertently crashed the speeder into the Cartel facility. Meelo and the crew bailed out and sliced into the building's mainframe, then freed their friend. However, just as they attempted to leave the building, an Office of Peace and Security speeder arrived on the scene. Not wanting to be arrested, Meelo's associates threw stun grenades at the vehicle and Keth-Keth graffitied the OPS speeder, to make the attack appear as if is had been carried out by the "Wookiee Liberation Front," a name that he made up on the spur of the moment. The WOLF later developed into a fully-fledged organization and Meelo tried to keep to herself the role that she had played in the group's "formation."

Some time later, Meelo and Keth-Keth journeyed to the city Hedrett on Cularin, where two clone troopers harassed the Jawa. After Keth-Keth attacked them with a stun glove and caused a stir, Meelo made her way to the Crosstown Bar in Gadrin, to hide out while the situation cooled down. There, she played a game of sabacc against a Bimm, and she told her fellow gambler the story of the WOLF's origins.