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Meena Tills, a Mon Calamari female, was the Galactic Republic senator from Mon Cala. She succeeded Tundra Dowmeia as Mon Cala's delegate to the Galactic Senate. She later was part of the Delegation of 2,000 and signed the Petition of 2,000.


The Clone WarsEdit

During the Clone Wars, Tills represented Mon Cala in the Galactic Senate.[4]

Civil War on Mon CalamariEdit

When Mon Cala was engulfed into war with the Mon Calamari being supported by the Republic, but with the Quarren backed by the Separatists, the king of Mon Cala was murdered, leading it to be uncertain who would succeed him. When Lee-Char, the Prince of Mon Cala, stepped forward, he was met with a revolution as the Quarren and the Separatists launched a full siege. Tills traveled back from the Senate with Padmé Amidala, Anakin Skywalker and Ahsoka Tano to inspect the situation. When Amidala informed the Senate that the situation had become a full scale civil war, the Republic sent aide and thousands of troops. The war worsened and Tills, along with Char's few remaining loyal followers, were captured and imprisoned. However when the Separatist army was defeated and Lee-Char was seen as the true ruler, Tills attended his coronation and looked heavily pleased at Mon Cala's return to diplomacy.

End of the WarEdit

When the War came to an end, Tills joined the Delegation of 2,000 where she attended one of the final meetings with Sheev Palpatine before the Galactic Empire was formed.[3]



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