―Orso Meeto's reaction upon seeing Dass Jennir in his residence[src]

The Chagrian slaver Orso Meeto owned an apartment on the planet Orvax IV in the year 19 BBY. The Jedi Dass Jennir tracked Meeto to his apartment to learn the location of a slave he'd sold named Resa Greenbark. After Meeto told Jennir whom he sold the slave to, Jennir killed Meeto and fled the apartment.


An apartment[2] was owned by the Chagrian slaver Orso Meeto on the planet Orvax IV. The apartment included at least one room which included a balcony as well as a floor mounted device capable of showing Holograms located next to a chair from which to view the displays. A vase was also displayed on a small table next to the double doored entrance into the apartment.[1]


In the year 19 BBY, Meeto returned to his residence after selling a Nosaurian child named Resa Greenbark to one of his regular customers, a wealthy Human named Dezono Qua. Once inside his residence Meeto began viewing a hologram of a female Chagrian dancing whilst two guards were stationed outside of his door. As the slaver enjoyed the hologram, the Jedi Dass Jennir scaled the side of the building using a rope to reach Meeto, having spent the best part of an afternoon learning Meeto's name and the residence's location. Upon reaching the balcony of the room Meeto was in Jennir climbed through and threatened Meeto at blaster–point, demanding the slaver tell him who bought Resa. The Chagrian gave Jennir the information he was looking for, but to prevent Meeto telling Qua he was in danger, Jennir killed Meeto. The gunfire alerted the guards who entered the room and began firing at Jennir, however the Jedi tied his rope to the balcony and leapt off, successfully escaping the guards afterwards.[1]

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Meeto's residence first appeared in the comic book Dark Times 4: The Path to Nowhere, Part 4, which was the fourth issue of both the Star Wars: Dark Times comic book series and it's first story arc, The Path to Nowhere. The issue was written in 2007 by Randy Stradley under the name Mike Harrison and illustrated by Douglas Wheatley. The apartment was later mentioned in Meeto's entry in the 2009 sourcebook, The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia.



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