Melanda Forswoth was a reporter for Eye on Cularin, after leaving the field of meteorology. While replacing Yara Grugara, she ran a series on the Caarite and their home of Caarimon. During the production of the series she went missing after interviewing a being called Falsswon, who was insulted by the questions being asked and shot the holorecorder before kidnapping her. In an attempt to rescue her, Cularin Central Broadcasting recovered the footage from the interview and aired the recordings. The following year, Ryk Osentay traveled to Tolea Biqua so that he could secure information for a documentary on Riboga the Hutt. During the filming of the interview, a dazed Forswoth knocked over the camerabeing. Badly injured both physically and mentally, she was immediately rushed to a hospital where she was to be treated for her wounds.


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