Melicoste was a Human male Sith Lord who served as a loyal agent to Darth Baras during the Galactic War between the Galactic Republic and the resurgent Sith Empire.


In 3641 BBY he was sent by Baras to free his sister Darth Ekkage from Belsavis Prison. Melicoste commandeered a squad of soldiers led by lieutenant Kaid and set out to track Ekkage's location, dueling Jedi Master Somminick Timmns in process. He also send a detachment of men to free Ekkage's Sith Assassins, but they were stopped by the Emperor's Wrath. Eventually Melicoste made it to the Deep Prison Cell Block 77-Z where Ekkage was being kept and severed her bonds. Instead of gratitude, Ekkage effortlessly killed Melicoste for his incompetence, after which both the Wrath and Timmns revealed themselves and fought against Ekkage.

Ekkage kills Melicoste

Darth Ekkage killed Melicoste after her release


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