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Melida/Daan was a planet in the Outer Rim Territories.[1] For centuries, it was engulfed in a civil war between the Melida and the Daan factions which could not even agree on a name for the planet. The Melida called it Melida and the Daan called it Daan so the Galactic Senate used Melida and Daan separated by a slash. Eventually, a group called the Young, led by various children of the Melida and Daan,[2] rose up and ended the civil war in 44 BBY.[3] Obi-Wan Kenobi temporarily left the Jedi Order to aid the Young in their quest,[2] helping to end the war.[3] Parts of the planet were scarred from the war.[2]

With a fast starship, it took three days to travel from Melida/Daan to the galactic capital of Coruscant.[3]

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