"What about Dren's relatives?
They had nothing useful to offer.
―Ric Oliè and Essara Till[src]

The Melne family was a small time family living on the planet Naboo where Dren Melne originated from. The family composed of his mother and father and a younger brother.

They were present during King Ars Veruna's reign and detested his off-world dealings for the influence of their first born son Dren Melne who wanted to explore the Galaxy. Against their wishes and warnings of being disowned, Dren left Naboo and spent years becoming a Mercenary and starfighter pilot. He would return years later in a black flight suit and carrying a blaster to find that they maintained their contempt for his decision and exiled him from their family.

At 33 BBY Dren Melne would betray the Naboo Royal Space Fighter Corps by trying to disable two N-1 starfighters and some N-X Police Cruisers during the Battle at TFP-9 for the Agamari Governor Challep's planetary defence and was ultimately killed by his own contractors for failing to deliver his promise and to silence his connections when his lover Essara Till refused to surrender her fighter and Echo Flight and managed to fight back.

Essara Till's inquiries to his family was less then helpful and their younger brother chased her down the streets. She felt that their treatment of Melne fuelled his betrayal.