Melnor Spear was a heavily-modified TL-1800 freighter used by the Imperial Security Bureau. In 0.5 ABY, the Gillia was moved to the Imperial Star Destroyer Reprisal as part of the ISB force being transported by Captain Kendal Ozzel to points unknown.

The freighter's engines and internal systems had all been highly upgraded, though its exterior belied these improvements. The ship also carried several sets of stormtrooper, scout trooper and spacetrooper armor, a large selection of weapons, two speeder bikes, a speeder truck, and roughly half a million credits. Presumably these were to be used in anti-Rebel operations; also useful to such operations were the variety of aliases and transponder codes the ship carried, along with a device to create aliases and false identification for its crew of agents.

After the accidental death of an ISB major, the five stormtroopers who would become informally known as the Hand of Judgment led by Daric LaRone, stole the Melnor Spear from the Reprisal and used it as their mobile base in their private quest to bring justice to the Shelsha sector. Its aliases during the journey included Ville Brok and Gillia, although the stormtroopers would simply refer to it as "the Suwantek."



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