Melvor Khamp was an individual from the planet Derilyn who served the Galactic Republic, and later the Galactic Empire as an engineer during the time prior of the Galactic Civil War.


In 1 ABY, Khamp was stationed in the Sluis Van Shipyards when the Empire attacked his homeworld, in what became known as the Sixty Hour War, and Khamp's entire family were killed. Following the attack, Khamp returned to Derilyn, and after learning of his family's fate, he disappeared into Derilyn's underworld community and eventually became a member of the Friends of Paran, an anti-Imperial resistance group. After joining the Alliance to Restore the Republic as well, Khamp became a resident of the Friends of Paran base in the city Knellis. There, he tasked some Rebel agents and several Friends of Paran operatives to infiltrate Derilyn's Imperial Monitoring Garrison, to steal datafiles regarding Operation: Elrood. Using the data that was gathered in the raid, Khamp subsequently sent the Rebels to board the Star Destroyer Brazen.