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Memory diskettes were droid parts that functioned as the central processing area of a unit.[1] Such pieces of technology were similar to the droid brains and the verbobrains.[2] Professor Cantebarius H. Broom, a deranged scientist, was known to deactivate droids by removing their memory diskettes.[1]

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The memory diskettes were first mentioned in Troublesome Outing,[1] a Spanish story of undetermined canonicity that was published in 1986.[3] Abel G. Peña, who translated the story in English for the first time in 2013, referred to the use of the word "diskette" as a "quaint anachronism." In the 1980s, massive-memory cloud storage and flash drives were still inconceivable. But nowadays, diskettes look out of place in the futuristic Star Wars universe.[4]


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