"Sir, that appears to be a memory flush unit--"

A memory flush unit was used to perform memory wipes on droids.


A memory flush unit was a device that could be carried by hand that was used to perform memory wipes. In order to perform this wipe the memory flush unit must have access to a droid's inner workings. For instance, on a protocol droid the faceplate must be removed.[1]


In 0 ABY, C-3PO and R2-D2 were sold to raise a gambling stake by Han Solo while they were trapped on The Wheel. Han Solo intended to redeem the droids later, but Simon Greyshade, the station administrator, ordered the droids' memories wiped to remove evidence of an Imperial plot. The technician sent to do the job brought a memory flush unit, but he was stopped at the last moment by the station's Master-Com, who rescued the droids. [1]


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