"If we had some bruallki, we could have bruallki and Menkooro—"
"—if we had some Menkooro."
Talon Karrde and Aves[src]

Menkooro whiskey was a bourbon that was considered the perfect accompaniment to bruallki.[2] The two were part of an old saying that was sometimes used by smugglers when they were seeking a solution to a problem.[3] In 9 ABY, a crate containing Menkooro was in a storeroom on the Coral Vanda, a luxury casino cruiser that operated in the oceans of the planet Pantolomin. When an Imperial Star Destroyer began firing its turbolasers at the Coral Vanda from Pantolomin's orbit, the crate was knocked open, spilling Menkooro whiskey onto the storeroom's floor. Captain Han Solo of the New Republic was present, and fired his blaster into the Menkooro in order to start a fire and escape from a Defel that was attacking him.[1]

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Menkooro whiskey appeared briefly in Timothy Zahn's 1992 novel Dark Force Rising. After being mentioned in the followup novel, 1993's The Last Command, it received a visual depiction in the comic adaptation of Dark Force Rising, released in 1997.



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