Merasy was a Nova-Drive 3-Z light freighter that had a number of owners during the Galactic Civil War.


Originally owned by the Corellian trader Iep Tumu, he neglected the maintenance of the ship and attempted to smuggle cargo to Brentaal without customizing the Merasy with smuggling compartments. He was caught by the Brentaalan authorities, who impounded the ship.

Brentaalan mechanics had to debug, patch and set the ship before offering it in an auction; even then, they were unable to find the cause of the acceleration vibration that could be related with inertial dampers.

Geld Bernar, a Khil trader, bought the ship and made a profit for several years making long trips and getting valuable contacts every time. Bernar extensively modified the Merasy to adapt it to his needs: He bought good entertainment and increased consumable capacities for his long ships. He also purchased astrogation charts, some of them including secret not-for-the-public routes, that he logged in a backup computer.

After several years, Bernar decided to sell the Merasy to invest in new ventures; he neglected to delete the backup charts.

The new owner was Captain Vacasor, a Devaronian scout wanting to circumvent the Known Space. Vacasor replaced passenger space with more cargo decks, but again neglected maintenance. His co-pilot, Naneb Pefan, was an experienced Ithorian merchant who insisted in replacing the shield system, as Vacasor used pirate-infested routes in his activities. Nonetheless, Vacasor only managed to get a marginal profit from the ship.