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For other uses, see Merciless.

Merciless was an EF76 Nebulon-B escort frigate in the Imperial Navy during the Galactic Civil War. The Galactic Empire set a trap for Rebel forces by hiding TIE/LN starfighters among thirteen seemingly abandoned containers and positioning the Merciless nearby to wait for a Rebel recovery operation.

When a Rebel deep space probe detected the containers the Alliance dispatched a lone R-22 Spearhead to investigate further. Either due to poor preparation or training, the Imperial forces sprung their trap on the R-22 rather than waiting for a full recovery operation. However, the R-22 pilot was able to destroy the waiting TIEs and scan the containers before the Merciless arrived. Shortly after the Merciless began launching fighters of its own, the R-22 fled into hyperspace.

The Alliance later recreated the mission as a simulation for training new pilots.



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