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"I got into this gig because I like being alone. I like the rogue thing. I didn't become a bounty hunter so I could join a club, eh?"
―Mercurial Swift, to Dengar[src]

Mercurial Swift, born Geb Teldar, was a young bounty hunter that was active during the age of the Galactic Empire and in the early days of the New Republic. As a bounty hunter, Swift preferred working alone, even refusing a business proposal from veteran bounty hunter Dengar.


"Things are changing now. Our profession is about to get marginalized, too. Those rebels won't put up with our special brand of sauce for too long, will they? It's why we gotta band together. Form a proper union. We'll be a force to reckon with."
Dengar, to Mercurial Swift[src]

In his early days, the man who would later call himself Mercurial Swift performed as both a dancer and an actor, using his agility to his advantage. However, he quit his profession due to a lack of demand for performers in the Galactic Empire. Still in his youth, Swift decided to use his agility to pursue a new profession: bounty hunting.[2]

Shortly following the Battle of Endor, bounty hunter Dengar found Mercurial Swift on Coronet City, on the planet Corellia. Recognizing his talent, Dengar offered Swift a partnership as he planned to create a union of bounty hunters. Swift refused, as he preferred to work alone. The two fought each other in the rain, until Swift used dirty tactics to subdue the older bounty hunter. Dengar warned Swift that since the Galactic Civil War was coming to an end, the New Republic wouldn't tolerate the existence of bounty hunters for much longer. Dengar believed that there would soon be bounties on bounty hunters, causing the perceived need for a union of bounty hunters.[2] Some time after, Dengar's prediction started to become a reality when the New Republic began denying services to bounty hunters following the paranoia caused by the terrorist attacks that look place on Liberation Day.[3]

Mercurial Swift would go on to be hired by the Imperial Grand Admiral Rae Sloane to kill the AWOL Vice Admiral Perwin Gedde, which he accomplished by poisoning Gedde's spice with kytrogorgia, Swift's poison of choice. Later, Swift rescued Sloane from being captured by a group of rebels on Coruscant. Out of gratitude, Sloane hired him to safely escort Brendol Hux, as well as his young illegitimate son, from the besieged Imperial-held world of Arkanis so that he could serve on Gallius Rax's Shadow Council.[3]

Prior to the attack on Chandrila, Sloane hired Swift to dig up any information he could on Rax. Swift accepted Sloane's job and traveled to Ord Mantell's moon Quantxi where he searched through the wreckage of Emperor Palpatine's yacht Imperialis. There, he found information that Rax was from a backwater planet known as Jakku and had met Palpatine as a boy by stowing aboard his yacht. Due to the fact that Imperial credits were no longer of any use to Mercurial Swift, Sloane offered to repay him in favors, a condition that he agreed to.[3]

Personality and traitsEdit

"Join me. You're good. You're fast. But dumb. Real dumb."
―Dengar, to Mercurial Swift[src]

Although Mercurial Swift lacked armor, he was known for his speed and agility, which he utilized in combat. Despite his speed, Swift was criticized by the more experienced bounty hunter Dengar for being "dumb" and in need of a "guiding hand," though Swift refused one. Mercurial Swift's weapon of choice was a pair of batons.[2] As a bounty hunter, Mercurial Swift was primarily interested in profit. While dissatisfied with the worthless Imperial currency, Swift was ameliorated when Sloane offered to pay him back with many favors.

Behind the scenesEdit

Mercurial Swift appears as a supporting character in Chuck Wendig's The Aftermath Trilogy novels Aftermath and Aftermath: Life Debt.


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