Merik Darou was the personal assistant of Senator Lavina Wren of the Cularin system. He was a frequent visitor to Gadrin and Hedrett.[2] His duties included meeting Tarasin ambassadors, city governors.[1]


In 31 BBY, Darou returned to Cularin for a political vacation. In between meeting with dignitaries, the aide indulged his addiction to ryll spice; however, when his supply was exhausted, Darou contacted an old acquaintance, Kelkan D'vrosh, to replenish his supply. Rather than standard ryl, D'vrosh gave the aide a new drug, made of ryl cut with Oblivion's Kiss. Unknown to Daruo's supplier, the original ryl had already been mixed with an additive that reacted to the Oblivion's Kiss to form a potentially lethal combination. Upon using the tainted drug, Darou promptly succumbed to a coma. His companion at the time, an escort named Naytha Alutana, called local medical authorities and then left Darou. While the private medical clinic was able to stabilize Darou, they were unable to safely bring him out of his coma without knowing the two additives reacting in his body. Having contacted Senator Wren, herself, the clinic was ordered to monitor Darou and kept the situation quiet while Wren arranged for agents to uncover the additives. The medical staff, however, were concerned that Darou could die within days if they were unable to treat him. The heroes eventually found the additives and Darou recovered.[1]



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