"All they killed were innocent Mermen, and a lot of their own stormtroopers, too!"
Luke Skywalker describing the aftermath of the Iskalon effect[src]

The Mermen (singular Merman) were extinct ocean-dwelling inhabitants of Mon Calamari. They were green-skinned beings whose legs fused to form a fish-like tail.

The Holographic Zoo of Extinct Animals on Coruscant contained a holographic exhibit of a group of Mermen hunting a krabbex while armed with spears made of bone.

Behind the scenesEdit

According to Star Wars 75: Tidal, Mermen were apparently present on the planet Iskalon during the Iskalon Effect disaster, and many innocent mermen were killed by the tidal wave. However, "mermen" may have only been a term to describe the Iskalonians.



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