"Thank you, Han Solo... for saving our village... and also bringing out the man in the Starkiller "Kid"!"
―Merri Shen Doshun[src]

Merri Shen Doshun was a female Human who lived in Onacra, a poor peasant village on Aduba-3. Her father was Oncho Shen and her grandfather was the Old One.


When Han Solo led the Eight for Aduba-3 to Merri's village to rescue them from the wrath of Serji-X Arrogantus, Solo saved her from a pack of angry high-hounds. Despite her young age, the smuggler was quite taken by her. However, it was Aduba-3 native Jimm Doshun who won her over in the end. Although they had grown up together in the same village, she had rarely noticed him until he showed his bravery fighting Arrogantus and the Behemoth from the World Below.

Merri and Jimm were married. They had a daughter, Hanna, and were expecting a second child.

Merri believed she had a soul that would go to the gods when she died.



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