"Meru doesn't talk about how she got here, and I don't ask."
―Rey writes about Meru in her survival guide[src]

Meru, known as Old Meru to some, was a female cyborg who ran an establishment known as Old Meru's on the desert planet Jakku. She disliked other people, and would not tolerate people asking about her tattoos at her shack. The scavenger Rey encountered Meru and later wrote about her in a survival guide.


"Don't mess with Meru—the last time someone made that mistake, she came out her shack with the biggest gun I've ever seen."
―Rey writes about Meru in her guide[src]

Old Meru was the cybernetic owner of Old Meru's, an old shack built on the Pilgrim's Road in the desert of the planet Jakku. The shack was equipped with several tables and chairs and a water trough for happabores, and travelers on the road would stop there to rest. The scavenger Rey stopped at the shack at least once, and managed to sketch two of the tattoos on Meru's arm while no one was looking. She also witnessed someone messing with Meru, which resulted in the cyborg fetching the biggest gun Rey had ever seen from within the shack and silencing all of the guests by clicking off the safety. Rey later wrote about Meru and copied her tattoos into a survival guide she created.[1]

Personality and traitsEdit

"She doesn't like people being curious. Or being anything else."
―Rey writes about Meru's dislike of others in her guide[src]

When Meru received her cybernetics, she lost the ability to make conversation. She generally disliked other people, particularly the curious sort and would throw anyone who she caught staring at the military tattoos on her one flesh and blood arm. Two of the tattoos depicted an Imperial Star Destroyer and four TIE/ln space superiority starfighters, and a trio of crossed staff-like weapons respectively. While living on Jakku, Meru never told others how she had ended up there.[1]

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Meru was first mentioned in Rey's Survival Guide, a replica journal written by Jason Fry and released in 2015.


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