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The Metalorn garbage speeders hard at work

The Metalorn Garbage Speeder was a type of speeder that was used on the planet Metalorn by the Techno Union to bring trash that had been sorted from the junk in The Wasteland to an unknown area. What happened to the trash is unknown.


The garbage speeder was an anti-gravity hovercraft that was painted yellow and had a large junk bin on its rear back that could hold a sizable amount of trash. The vehicle also sported the Metalorn crest on the back end on the bin. The speeder had room for one pilot and a passenger at the front of the vehicle.


In 19 BBY Bail Organa traveled to Metalorn to tour the world, and see how it worked and operated. Earlier, Bail had duped the foreman of the Techno Union, Wat Tambor, that Alderaan wanted to join the Confederacy of Independent Systems and that he wanted to convert Alderaan into a factory world like Metalorn, and wanted to receive a tour of the world. In reality he was journeying to Metalorn to free the imprisoned Jedi Master, Shaak Ti, who had been captured by the Techno Union. During the tour, Bail and company saw the Metalorn garbage speeders hard at work in The Wasteland of Metalorn. After this Metalorn was liberated by the Republic and the garbage speeders might have been shut down.