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Mi was a Human princess and the daughter of King Arturo of Orocco. In 2 ABY, she was kidnapped by a small band of criminals led by Grintlok, who demanded ransom in exchange for her release. However, at the same time Emperor Palpatine seized control of Orocco, and all Arturo's wealth was gone overnight. Grintlok hired Han Solo to deliver the princess to their base on Raltac III, but Solo released the princess and intended to return her to her father. On Cataalda, Mi and Leia Organa were temporarily seized by a bounty hunter called Dust. Later, the criminals tracked Solo on Cataalda and were planning to kill him to get to the princess when a criminal boss named Raze arrived at the place, along with Arturo himself. Mi identified the gang as her captives and Raze promised Arturo he'd deal with them personally. Arturo offered Solo Mi's hand in marriage, but Han already had another princess on his hands, so he chose to refuse the offer.



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