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"See if you can get something out of 'em Mic."
Sergeant Kreel to Mic[src]

"Mic" was the nickname of an Special Commando Advanced Recon trooper in Task Force 99, a squad within the Galactic Empire's Stormtrooper Corps. Mic served as the squad's slicer, capable of breaking into and decrypting enemy computer systems. Mic participated in Task Force 99's mission to the Ghost Moon in order to kill a group of Rebels hiding there.[2]


Skirmish on the Ghost MoonEdit

Mic served in Task Force 99 for years, growing close with fellow Stormtrooper specialists. After the death of the Task Force's previous sergeant, the team was reassigned under the command of Sergeant Kreel. Early into Kreel's tenure with the team, an Alliance to Restore the Republic shuttle was shot down over the Ghost Moon, and Kreel and his team were sent in to learn what its crew were doing in such a remote area. Mic deployed with the rest of his squad, but quickly split off from the others when they discovered the crashed Rebel ship had already been abandoned. Kreel ordered him to stay behind and slice what he can out of the ship's terminals, with Shrap to watch his back. While his ally would eventually reconvene with the squad, Mic stayed behind, reporting that cracking the Rebel's encryption would take him several more days. The squad was able to avoid the wait, however, by their capture of Admiral Verette, who quickly broke under interrogation.[2]

Verette informed them of a covert Rebel operation to hijack the Imperial I-class Star Destroyer Harbinger. The mission was planned jointly by Leia Organa and Luke Skywalker, and Admiral Verette was on the way to meet them and take command of the Star Destroyer's helm when he was captured by the SCAR squad. After revealing this information, the squad informed Darth Vader, who sent them to retake the stolen ship.[3]

The HarbingerEdit

The Task Force scouted out The Harbinger for several days before finally making their assault. First, they strapped the captive Admiral Verette to the outside of his own shuttle and launched it at the ship as a distraction. While Luke Skywalker and Sana Starros investigated the approaching shuttle, Zuke and his team covertly flew a Lambda-class T-4a shuttle into one of the many unguarded holes in the Star Destroy- confident that with more than half the vessel's scanners down, and the Rebels being forced to run a skeleton crew, they would enter undetected. Once inside, Mic set to work hacking into the ship's computers to retake subsystems and seal off the Rebel's control. Despite his skills, he was outmatched at every turn as his hack attempt was counter-spliced by the Astromech droid R2-D2, who not only shut him out of the controls, but manually took control of flying the ship after Mic's squadmember Zuke damaged the controls and left Han Solo unable to control the helm.[4]

Before he could wrestle control of the ship from R2, Sana Starros ambushed Mic, kicking him away from the control panel and knocking him into an escape pod, which she promptly jettisoned, allowing her to fight Cav one-one-one. Mic was recovered from the pod, and while Darth Vader chided Kreel and his team for failing to stop the Rebels, they were able to avoid his wrath by presenting the captured Protocol droid C-3PO as proof that the SCAR team "never comes home empty handed".[4]

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