Micha "Howling Mad" Evon, also often known as simply "Howl," was a human male soldier who served as a captain in the Alliance to Restore the Republic during the Galactic Civil War. He fought against the Galactic Empire during the Mid Rim Retreat, during which Evon was in command of the Sixty-First Mobile Infantry, commonly known as Twilight Company. Evon was a founding member of Twilight Company, leading it through many battles until his death at the Battle of Hoth, after which command was taken by Hazram Namir. Evon was close to Lieutenant Sairgon, who became one of the few individuals to know of the captain's background. Evon was rumored to be a teacher before his time with Twilight Company, yet who he truly was died with Sairgon, who was killed during an Imperial insurgency of Twilight Company at the same time as the Battle of Hoth, except in a different part of the galaxy.[1]


Micha Evon was a human male who was a Captain in the Alliance to Restore the Republic. He founded the Sixty-First Mobile Infantry, more commonly known as Twilight company, some time before the Galactic Civil War and led them through many battles. Twilight company had two ships, the CR90 corvette Thunderstrike and the Braha'tok-class gunship Apailana's Promise of which the crew owed them fifty-thousand credits and carried the company's two X-wings.

At some point, Twilight company was recruiting on Veron and a Bounty hunter called Brand joined with a bounty on Evon. She smuggled her kit onto the Thunderstrike. In the Battle of Allst Prime, Twilight company's Foward Air Control officer Cait was killed and Evon had to take her place directing the company's two X-wings. He then went with Brand to the Governor's office and Brand killed Governor Magé. Brand then took the oppotunity to get her bounty and pointed her blaster at Evon. However Evon was smarter than she thought and saw this coming. He continued as if nothing had happened and told her what he knew of her back story. He then offered Brand a chance to stay in Twilight company of which she accepted.

Evon led them in the advancement into the Mid Rim, on planets such as Phorsa Gedd and Bamayar, and in the Mid Rim Retreat where they would assist the Alliance Fleets withdrawal from the mid rim. In 3 ABY, Twilight company launched a campaign on Haidoral Prime where they defeated the forces in the capital Haidoral Administrative Center One. In the campaign, Brand, Sergeant Hazram Namir, the Besalisk Gadren and the imperial defector Charmer infiltrated the Governor's mansion and extracted the defecting Governor Everi Chalis. Chalis offered to help the Alliance with her knowledge on the workings of the imperial war machine. Although almost all of the Twilight members doubted her, Evon saw her as a chance.

Chalis supplied valuable information during the Coyerti campaign on Coyertis main distillery of which Brand, Namir, Gadren and Haidoral recruit Roach destroyed. Following the campaign, the company was attacked in by an Imperial Destroyer and retreated only to be attacked again in the Enrivi system and Chonsetta system. The Thunderstrike was being tracked through a leakage from the ships Hyperdrive and it desperately needed repairs. Evon and the officers had a meeting on how they would get the supplies for repairing the Thunderstrike and Chalis helped them plan a Raid on an Imperial heavy freighter of which they carried out successfully with the loss of two Sergeants Fektrin and Ajax. The Thunderstrike got the leakage repaired and Evon got permission for the the Thunderstrike and the Apailana's Promise to rendezvous to a flotilla in the Elochar sector where the Thunderstike would get more repairs.

Whilst the Thunderstrike was at the flotilla, Evon and Chalis were invited to Echo Base on Hoth and they took Namir and Twilight soldiers Roja and Beak with them. They went to the base and met with General Philap Bygar who showed them to the Alliance High Command. There Evon, Chalis and Bygar attended a strategy conference focussed on Chalis's knowledge whilst Namir and the other two helped around the rest of the base. Shortly after the conference, the empire discovered the base and launched an attack. They deployed All Terrain Armored Transports onto the ground to wreck havoc on the outside and destroy the Deflector shield generator. Evon was injured during the evacuation and Chalis could not get him out without help. Namir, Roja and Beak came and attempted to help them when Darth Vader came and killed Evon, Roja and Beak. Namir and Chalis barely escaped Hoth.

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