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Microdroids were small droids designed for use as a listening device.


No longer than ten centimeters, microdroids were spiderlike and capable of locomotion. Installed by owners as audio bugs, they were equipped with pre-programmed instructions to return to their owners after a set period ot time or after detecting a specific keyword of audio cue. Unable to broadcast their surveillance data, they were hard to detect because they did not produce any transmissions. While they were no capable of self-defense, some models were equipped to self-destruct if tampered with.[1]

Some variants of microdroid were adjusted to fight as gladiators in microdroid wrestling matches. They could be designed to look like a piranha beetle on treads, or like a sandcrawler from Tatooine, among others. Such droids fought each other in the Maw Casino on the Errant Venture, and people would place bets on which droid they thought would win the fight.



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