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Micromines were an Imperial space mine developed to saturate a targeted region but not be detectable by enemy starship scanners. They were extraordinarily small—to such a degree that they could pass through a spaceship's meteor shields—but extremely powerful. The composition of a typical micromine was a grain of anti-matter in magnafield casing, making them virtually undetectable to the enemy. While originally the plan was to mass produce these demolition weapons, the full-scale use in the space around the planet Shiva IV showed that such production would be cost prohibitive and the deployment of these weapons were scrapped.

Another type of micromine was an antipersonnel version used by clone commandos such as Darman. These were tiny mines that could be thrown, attached to a myriad of surfaces, and could be set off by timer or by remote detonator. Darman used one such type of mine - AP Micromines - to blow up a hill side.[1]




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