The Mighty Oak Apocalypse (often referred to as Moa) was an independent cargo freighter during the Galactic Civil War, captained by the Wookiee Lohgarra. The ship's name was more intimidating in Shyriiwook. It transported only legal cargo, but operated on the fringes, where Imperial oversight was rarely an issue. Besides Lohgarra herself, in the later years of the Galactic Empire the crew usually consisted of the Tarsunt Brill, the Ithorian Methwat Tann and a JJH2 astromech droid.[1]

In 3 BBY, Apprentice Legislators Chassellon Stevis and Amilyn Holdo attempted to hire the Moa to take them from Coruscant to a speeder auction on Arkanis. However, when Leia Organa, on an important mission for the rebellion and desperately in need of transport to Pamarthe, arrived, Holdo persuaded Stevis to stay behind, and she and Organa hired the Moa to take them to Pamarthe.[2]

Imperial defector Thane Kyrell joined the Moa's crew shortly after the Battle of Yavin. On a supply run to the planet Oulanne after its settlements had been devastated by an earthquake, the crew met a group of Rebel pilots. The leader of the pilots, Wedge Antilles, was impressed with Kyrell's piloting skills and recruited him into the Rebellion. In the run-up to the Battle of Endor, the Moa joined the Alliance Fleet and docked aboard the Liberty, where the crew was reunited with Kyrell.[1]

After the Battle of Endor, when the New Republic began paying reparations to populations that had suffered the most under the Empire's fist, Lohgarra planned to use her money to buy the Moa new engines.[1]

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