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The Mighty Oak Apocalypse (often referred to as MOA) was an independent cargo freighter during the Galactic Civil War, captained by the Wookiee Lohgarra. It transported only legal cargo, but operated on the fringes, where Imperial oversight was rarely an issue. The crew at one point consisted of Lohgarra, Methwat Tann, Brill, Thane Kyrell, and a JJH2 astromech droid. On a supply run for a planet after a natural disaster the crew were working with another freighter, the leader on that freighter was Wedge Antilles who recruited Thane Kyrell for Corona Squadron. In the run-up to the Battle of Endor, the MOA joined the Alliance Fleet and docked aboard the Liberty and where reunited with Thane Kyrell as that's where Corona Squadron where based. The liberty was destroyed by the Death Star in the battle of Endor and its unknown whether or not the MOA survived.[1]


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