"He's a killing machine and should be treated like one."
Andos Delvaren[src]

Mika Streev was the premiere warrior of on the planet Rabaan in 2 ABY. When a conflict arose between his people and the neighboring planet of S'krrr he was selected to challenge a single S'krrr warrior, Sh'shak, in single combat on the Combat Moon in order to resolve the conflict. Unbeknownst to either planet was that the conflict was instigated by Governor Klime of the Galactic Empire who was hoping to use the conflict as an excuse to increase Imperial presence in the system due to its strategic location. During the ritual combat, Imperial Stormtroopers led by Modigal Glave interfered but thanks to the help of his friend Leda Kyss and her Rebel allies Sh'shak and Streev were able to expose the governor's plot to the entire system. Afterwards Streev joined the Rebellion to honor the sacrifice of his friend, Kyss.



Streev training against a holographic S'krrr controlled by Leda Kyss


Mika Streev was born on the planet Rabaan, a planet that placed extremely high value on ritualistic warriors. The people of Rabaan viewed warriors as both poets and celebrities and through intense focus and hard training Streev was able to become their premiere warrior by defeating Andos Delvaren. As a member of the warrior caste his days were spent exercising and training for combat.[1]

The CombatEdit

"We're counting on you, Mika!"
―Rabaan citizen[src]

In 2 ABY an orbital platform stationed around Rabaan was destroyed in a shuttle accident. The Rabaanites blamed their neighbors, the S'krrr of the planet S'krrr. As was precedent the conflict would be resolved by two warriors, one from each planet, fighting on Rabaan's Combat Moon with the winner determining the winner of the dispute. This ritual combat was created as a way to prevent the two neighboring planets from going to war and had been used for over 6,000 years to resolve disputes. His childhood friend, Leda Kyss helped him train prior to leaving for the Combat Moon however during their training she seemed more distant and he commented that ever since her trip to the planet Circarpous IV she seemed distracted. [1]


Delvaren kicking Streev



"Mika, be reasonable. You don't know what you're up against here. You're a very small fish in the biggest pond of all. You're a bug to these people, and they'll squash you."
―Andos Delvaren[src]

As the warrior selected to resolve the conflict Streev was treated like a celebrity and huge crowds appeared to watch Kyss pilot him off planet in an ancient starship. En route to the moon Kyss tried to tell Streev about the Galactic Empire's evils and the Rebel Alliance that was opposing them but Streev was too sheltered to even understand what she was trying to say. Streev was dropped onto the moon where he began to hunt his target, the S'krrr Sh'shak. His first encounter on the moon was Andos Delvaren flanked by Jan and another man dressed like a Rabaanite warrior. Delvaren explained that the S'krrr were betraying the ritual combat rules and that Rabaan had sent them as backup to help Streev. Jan and the other man were unloading cargo from another ancient Rabaanite pocket cruiser and even though it was disassembled Streev's extensive combat knowledge allowed him to recognize it as a mint condition Balmorran Arms M-5 repeating blaster cannon, a weapon that could only be found in the hands of the Galactic Empire. Streev recognized Jan and the other man as Stormtroopers in disguise but he was too late and the stormtroopers swarmed him. Streev was able to break Jan's leg however he was knocked out from behind by Delvaren.[1]

When Mika came too he kept his eyes mostly shut so as not to alert his captors. He overheard them mention that they needed to kill him with an energy pike, the traditional weapon of the S'krrr. Delvaren explained to the stormtroopers that the plan was for them to kill Streev and make it look like the S'krrr did it. Then they would shoot the S'krrr to make it looklike the Rabaanites betrayed the rules and trigger an intersystem war. Delvaren took the energy pike and approached the bound Mika to kill him but Jan insisted on striking the final blow. Delvaren warned him that Streev was a highly trained warrior however the warning did not matter as when Jan struck with the energy pike Streev rolled out of the way and kicked Jan's injured leg, shattering the knee. Streev used the energy pike to cut his bindings and threw a stiletto into the other stormtrooper's throat and Streev quickly finished off the injured Jan. Streev and Delvaren faced off however after seeing Streev quickly dispatch two of the Imperial elite troopers and having already been bested by Streev earlier Delvaren chose to ran for his life instead.[1]

Streev took a moment to rest and recuperate and considered his options. Having just killed two Imperial troopers would make him a criminal and traitor to the Empire and most likely he would be imprisoned and killed. In addition if the Imperials killed the Sh'shak the S'krrr would declare war as they would not understand that the Imperials were not on the same side as the Rabaanite. In the end he decided to attempt to foil the Imperials by saving and aligning with the S'krrr to prevent war.[1]

Meeting Sh'shakEdit

"I'm not your enemy, I don't want to kill you."
―Mika Streev to Sh'shak[src]

Sh'shak ended up finding him first and attacked with an energy pike. Streev was caught by surprise and although he dodged the first couple of attacks Streev was quickly injured and disabled. As Sh'shak moved in the for the kill Streev pleaded for the S'krrr warrior to wait. Sh'shak paused long enough for Streev to explain that the Empire was going to murder him to start a war. Sh'shak was reluctant to believe Streev at first as he had seen Delvaren, a Rabaanite, working with the stormtroopers but Streev proved his intent by offering up his piece of a commnet uplink. in the traditional combat the Rabaanite and S'krrr would each have half of a comlink-like device and the winner would take the other half off of the loser in order to signal his people that he was victorious. By offering up his half of the device Streev was effectively surrendering the Combat in order to avoid conflict. However when Sh'shak moved to take the device Modigal Glave shot him through the upper thorax. Streev dove for cover as Glave moved in and put another blaster shot into the wounded S'krrr. Streev returned fire with his hold-out blaster pistol and was able to help Sh'shak to his feet. For the S'krrr a chest wound, while painful, was not lethal and the two ran for cover.[1]

Rebel AidEdit

"I will join the Rebellion but first I need to see justice done."
―Mika Streev[src]

Despite the two warriors working together the Imperial stormtroopers quickly surrounded the pair and put them in a bad position. Kyss, who had stayed behind to help out at a secret Rebel base on the Combat Moon, ran from a nearby cave to aid the duo. Streev and Kyss held off the Imperials long enough for Sh'shak to finish assembling the uplink device to send a signal to S'krrr however the signal was jammed by the Imperials.[1]

The signal did alert the Rebels and an X-wing launched to shoot down the pocket cruisers the stormtroopers were using. Meanwhile other rebel agents, two Bothans and Sanna, charged the Imperials surrounding the three warriors. Glave aimed a shot at Sh'shak however Kyss dove in front of it saving the S'krrr's life at the cost of her own. Streev was distraught and mourned her loss as the Rebels finished the rest of the battle. The Rebels were unable to prevent the Imperials from escaping and alerting the Imperial-class Star Destroyer Coercion that was in the system so the Rebels collected Sh'shak and Streev and abandoned their hidden base.[1]

Streev took one last step of revenge by hiding the uplink device in the rebel base and when the mastermind of the Imperial operation, Governor Klime arrived he inadvertently revealed his plot to both Rabaan and S'krrr due to the device transmitting his conversation with Glave. Meanwhile back on a Rebel freighter Streev pledged himself to the Rebel Alliance after he had dealt with the traitor Delvaren and Glave.[1]

Personality and traitsEdit

"How could you do that?"
"Do wh—"
"Stand there soaking in all that glory like this was a game of Mon Calamari dive-ball?
―Leda Kyss to Mika Streev[src]

Streev was a Human male that had dark hair and a very athletic build. He was considered quite handsome which only enhanced his status as a celebrity. Streev was intensely focused on his quest towards martial perfection and originally had very little interest in politics or the greater galaxy. He focused on what he excelled at, combat, and basked in the glory and celebrity status that brought him on Rabaan. He even delayed his trip to the Combat Moon so he could appease his fans at the landing platform, much to the annoyance of his pilot and friend, Kyss. He enjoyed her company and planned on proposing to her after he won against Sh'shak however his blissful ignorance drove a wedge in their relationship. Kyss' death shook him to his core and he realized that even if he ignored the universe, the universe would not still impact him and his people. He was deeply committed to both justice and revenge and when Delvaren's betrayal and Glave's direct actions brought about the death of Kyss he pledged himself to get revenge on both of them.[1]

Skills and abilitiesEdit

"You think I'm going to let a little political debate about which species destroyed who's orbital platform get in my way? That's for bureaucrats to decide. me, I hone my skills. That's the whole point of being a warrior, isn't it?"
―Mika Streev to Leda Kyss[src]

Streev was an incredibly fast and strong combatant. He trained himself to become the pinnacle warrior on a planet devoted to combat and it showed in his abilities. He was only moderately skilled with his fists, isntead specializing in blasters and melee combat. His knowledge of combat was well-rounded and he had familiarity and talent with archaic weapons, thrown weapons, and modern slugthrowers. Despite his lack of interest in the greater galaxy he did have training piloting starfighters and space transports.[1]


When Streev entered the ritual combat on the Combat Moon he equipped himself with a stiletto, a tiny hold-out blaster, and his Ibarsi knife.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

Mika Streev was designed by John Whitman for the short story Combat Moon that was published in Star Wars Adventure Journal 9 in February 1996. It was published as a supplement to the Star Wars Roleplaying Game created by West End Games. He was illustrated by Steve Bryant.


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