Milac Troper was a male Human who served the Galactic Scout Corps around 40 BBY before joining the Imperial Diplomatic Corps. During his career as a scout, Troper and his partners, Mission Commander Dayla Kev and Lieutenant Hereven, traveled to an undiscovered jungle world. The scheduled trip proved to be a particularly dangerous mission.

After he and his comrades were attacked by a gasnit, Troper fled in panic, fearing them to be dead. He later reported the loss of Kev and Hereven and was temporarily suspended for his lack of valor. A failed rescue mission reported back on the ferocity of gasnits, however Kev and Hereven were presumed lost. Troper was reinstated and he eventually joined the Imperial Diplomatic Corps. Unbeknownst to Troper, however, both Kev and Hereven had indeed survived the attack of the gasnit, hiding out for years in an underground cavern.

Years later, Troper was aboard the Ithorian Herdship Galactic Horizon to negotiate a peace treaty when to his surprise, he found that Dayla Kev had been plotting to exact revenge on him. However, he had hired a team of freelance mercenaries to be his bodyguards, which saved him from her attacks. Troper tried to explain to her that he was haunted by his cowardice but she refused to believe him. However, Troper managed to escape unharmed while Dayla and her son, also named Hereven, were taken into custody.